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Why should we encourage a startup’s ideas?

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Why should we encourage a startup’s ideas? The start-up culture in India is booming. The recent news of Cred and Meesho becoming unicorns has spread a sense of positivity among the early-stage founders. The government of India, too, wants to capitalize on this high sentiment. To boost the further growth of start-ups, India’s government started the Startup India Initiative on January 16, 2016. The start-up India initiative has three objectives: 

  • Create a uniform stage for the entire start-up ecosystem to come together. 
  • Facilitate and encourage entrepreneurship
  • Promoting entrepreneurship not only in metro cities but also in smaller regions of the country.


Startups bring innovations:

Product and service novelty is a very important characteristic of a lot of new entrepreneurship. Startups are the best form of implementing inventions and they are a great tool for commercializing technological and other novelties.

Why should we encourage a startup’s ideas

Start-Up Business Goals Strategy

Yes yes, we know, the word innovation is as cursed as the word startup. Why should we encourage a startup’s ideas The word innovation has become almost meaningless due to its overuse. An image of a kid who is wearing trendy sneakers pops up to the head once again. But this time he or she is a marketer. “Innovation” nowadays is more like a sales pitch, everything now is an innovative product, design, service, and so on. But that is not explaining why we should encourage startup entrepreneurship. So it is enough of bullying the word innovation.

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#1. Startups provide us with healthy competition:

Why should we encourage a startup’s ideas Startups can also contribute to economic dynamism by spurring innovation and introducing a healthy amount of competition.

Why should we encourage a startup’s ideas?

Why should we encourage a startup’s ideas

The business situation, job interview concept.

The beauty and the curse of the startup’s flexibility are that new entrepreneurs can bring fresh ideas to the table, much needed to stir innovation and generate competition. As we have mentioned earlier, startups are more flexible, so they can try implementing all the craziest ideas. In this way, they can compete in-between themselves while trying to improve their product or service and become stronger than their competitors. That kind of competitive attitude brings innovation and constant striving for perfection.

Startups that are promoting research-innovation, high-tech, as well as knowledge-based services, are very closely affiliated with educational institutions. They connect institutions and contribute greatly to the research work at universities and, of course, research institutions. As a result, startups have transformed into more of a fatherly figure that everyone wishes for. And they work as a role model – inspire students and researchers to execute their ideas via a startup. This simply leads to students becoming more curious and hard-working as they want to become the one. Someone who can make their dream come true. You know, to become the next Larry Page. 

#2. Startups bring a different mindset to society:

Why should we encourage a startup’s ideas? Besides bringing competition to businesses, and educational institutions – startups are also transforming our society into a more proactive one. Startup entrepreneurship brings a new mindset, which inspires people to deepen their knowledge and creativity. The population is starting to increasingly realize that they have a liability for their work and how their career developed. Why should we encourage a startup’s ideas In other words, take action into their own hands and not just follow the path predicted by someone else?

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